Today is the beginning of SummerShare 2018!  July 16-22, 2018! Body & Soul is a member of SHARE Charlotte and during the summer they run a campaign that helps nonprofits get items they need. We have several things in our gift shop on their site. Our feature item is fitness trackers that will be loaned…

Grant Award

Executive Director Kathy Joy accepted a special program grant from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Aging Coalition on June 13th!  The funds from this grant will help Body & Soul to provide a balance and tai chi program to seniors in the west Charlotte area.  You can learn more about this upcoming balance and tai chi program in the…

Matter of Balance

Congratulations to Executive Director Kathy Joy on her recent certification as a Matter of Balance coach.  Kathy has been offering balance classes for several years, and is now ready to move forward in offering more balance activities and exercises within the Body & Soul Senior Fitness system!

2018 Goodie Awards

Nonprofit partners who are a part of SHARE Charlotte are given fun and unique awards!  These are called the SHARE Charlotte Goodie Awards.  These awards are a time for nonprofits to feel encouraged by each other and the work they are doing to better their community.  Fox46’s Good Day Charlotte host Page Fehling and husband…

Continuing Education

Executive Director Kathy Joy, Board Chair Rev. Juston Smith, and new Board Member Sarah Salloum are attending the Governance Effectiveness Series provided by Blue Cross & Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation.  The three will be learning what it means to create partnership for an exceptional non-profit board of directors.  Particular interest will be given…

Senior Scholars

Kathy Joy, executive director of Body & Soul Senior Fitness, will be leading a conversation with Senior Scholars at Providence United Methodist Church. The Quick Info: Providence United Methodist Church Friday, February 2, 2018 2810 Providence Road, Charlotte, NC 28211

SHARE Charlotte

Looking for an easy way to be involved with Body & Soul Senior Fitness?  We welcome your equipment donations through SHARE Charlotte.  Who is SHARE Charlotte? We believe that “a rising tide lifts all boats”, so we create community campaigns that rally Charlotte around socially positive movements. Hundreds of local nonprofits come together to share…

Monthly Lunch

Body & Soul Senior Fitness is involved in the helping the lives of senior adults as active as possible.  Every month the group gathers at Amber Jack Seafood & Steaks for fellowship and games.  You’re invited!  Stay up-to-date on the events calendar for upcoming fellowship opportunities!